Live Streaming in the Blink of an eye


Blink and you're there

We deliver live interactive content in less than 500 milliseconds


what is blink?

Blink is a unique AI powered video CDN built specifically for ultra low latency live streaming


< 500ms

Engage with people. No matter the distance. 

Blink lets you create truly immersive streaming environments with groups of people

Our mission is to enable you to be with people you love no matter the distance. We offer a video delivery platform that slashes Internet latency by an order of magnitude. 

Belong Anywhere. 


Blink is safe. And easy!

All content is end-to-end encrypted, and every blink session is private and password protected. We take security very seriously. 

Blink is available on any device that matters. You don't have to install a thing to use it, either.



          Powered by A.I. 

Beautiful. The way streaming should be.  

Enjoy glitch free streaming.

Say goodbye to frozen frames, spinning wheels, and distorted videos. Throw away clunky hardware that never works. 

Our propriety algorithms probe millions of data-centers, CDNs, and ISPs to anticipate and reduce video quality problems.


An experience like none other